Red Star shining look of luxury red worship

In 2008, the world is played out “red worship, Gucci (Gucci, blog, Gucci News, Gucci, say) launched a red limited edition ray ban uk U2 (U2 Blog, U2 News, U2, say) also launched a red theme of charity. The stars, walking in the European and American street is the red power sections in red to set off the clothes of the red wave of revolution in China.

Sex symbol: Chinese red, half sugar black and red can be cool, white and red can be very pure, pink and red can be very sweet, and red after each split, there is more free space to meet not the same style. Like to sing the song “If it seems to be no sweet, it will not feel tired”.

Accessories Tips:

The red ray ban wayfarer crystal from every angle, are suffused with a halo of red and other colors. Used with the same color dress or a deep V-neck shirt is a good choice.

Sex symbol: Chinese red stuff mixed fashion, “China Red”, ultra-short cheongsam’s exquisite, charming strap bras, more light A word shorts, red interpretation of mixed Chinese and Western, exquisite overhangs and without losing the eclectic.

Accessories Tips:

Select a light cherry-shaped pendant earrings swaying ears, more prominent expertise in exquisite detail. The satin texture, hand bags, fabric enough “Chinese taste” better dress to inject a bit different Chinese style.

Sex symbol: European and American pop-rock camp full of street-type cells, the Chinese Red Europe and the United States actor who also can not resist the ray ban heat of “Red China”. Become part of the Chinese elements in their body, “Red China”, a clever mix and match with the dress of their own rock flavor, multi-element collision allows us to see more interesting “rock school” Chinese new look.

Accessories Tips:

Red Ray Ban sunglasses, the red product is not to ray ban sunglasses be missed this season’s wave of people. Red elements and the actions shine, dyed red hot rock and roll atmosphere.

Sex symbol: the red of modern ultra-short outline of the vitality of the movement and unassuming, has always been indispensable red shadow. In the body of European and American actress, “Red China” was given a short paragraph and a type of hot, like red sugar heart as sweet to the bone.

Accessories Tips:

A type of short shorts, black and white striped stockings toe shiny. Shoes on whether it is with canvas shoes or high heels will be very out of color.

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