Ray Ban Sunglasses make you more handsome

Looking at the current men’s trends, alternative & high profile to become the most popular vocabulary. Breaking the law-abiding, dress, the sportsman who ever dare to try new forms, of which the crowning touch than accessories. As the most practical accessories in the summer, sunglasses, plays a highly decorative effect. Spring and summer of 2011, men’s sunglasses, whether in material, color, shape and even details of the functions are extremely diverse, cross-stitch eyes style flourishing scene, straight all the sportsman.

Color lenses fun

This year’s sunglasses trends have an interesting feature, it is an unprecedented wealth of lens color. Outside of the traditional black, ray ban wayfarer gray, amber, light blue-gray, reflective metallic color or orange color have appeared almost every glasses of each brand has a different color. Many big glasses use the latest technology for the lens to do the laser surgery, laser cutting sunglasses embedded in the bright colors of the cellulose acetate lenses break through the traditional “limit” reflects a variety of colors, quite design sense.

The ani sunglasses to the number of G-iorgioArm most out of color, bright yellow, lime green, amber, blue lens reviews for the lens color interpretation of the color of the sky, the youth movement ready to come. ThomBrowne the show floor, the models were wearing spacesuits to play, all-reflective lens wear metal texture. Its inspiration from the pilot’s wind mirror, the interpretation of high-profile style ray ban of sunglasses, the extraordinary momentum. But from the perspective, shade eye tinted lenses is preferred, colored sunglasses only as occasional accessories, ray ban uk can not use it to fight against UV Oh!

Frame material ingenuity

The spring and summer 2011 men’s sunglasses in the materials play a lot of new tricks, plate frames almost all major brands of collective eliminated. Cellulose acetate material component frames lighter and less susceptible to UV discoloration and has therefore become the new darling of the production of sunglasses. ray ban sunglasses Traditional metal material is still favored, but everyone seemed tired of it a single color, and have their parcels on other materials.

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