Latest Ray Ban Brands: Bet the trend setter

Let’s know about the brand first…

One of the latest brands for sunglasses and eyewear in the market is definitely ray ban. The best collection of aviators and wayfarers belongs to this brand. For the entire sunglass enthusiast this is definitely their favourite brand. Their designs are unique, timeless and a symbol of luxury for almost everyone. This brand has managed to draw attention of almost all the celebrities and fashion designers in the film industries for over the past ten years.

We will go through the latest collection of this classy brand which will showcase their latest frame designs that has set new fashion goals in the industry.

The latest collection

The coolest collection of this brand is ray ban aviator glasses. These glasses will never go out of fashion.  This timeless design is the style statement for many film stars, political leaders and fashion icons. The tear shaped frame and the thin metal boundary makes them different from others and increases the coolness level by manifolds. Aviators with mirrored lens are currently ruling the fashion industry. These glasses are unisex and it is loved by all because of their masculine look.

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After the classic model known as the rayban flat top aviators are also trending in the market. It is a little bit different from the above model due to its larger and bolder frame.  People who are adventure enthusiasts usually go for this frame.

The third most popular model is ray-ban wayfarer sunglasses. This iconic design has a trapezoidal frame and has been described as the ‘unmistakable’. This also falls under the category of unisex frame like the aviators. They are available in various shapes like the tortoise shape and are mostly available in black acetate colour. The frame body is slightly on the heavier side, but are very sturdy and have a slick look. These glasses define confidence and are best suited for oval or round faces.

People who love to party hard, they can opt for this new line of design known as the club master sunglasses. They have this retro vibe and the big frame act as a great sun protector. These glasses have quickly managed to become the style statement for many people.  Mostly the lenses are available in green colour but you can definitely go for other colours as well which will suit your taste.

The other trending designs are the round sunglasses which are mostly known as the John Lennon glasses. These glasses are costlier than the regular glasses, but on the other hand the quality delivered by them is worth the money.

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