2012 to select a suitable sunglasses

Very Hot Weather Warning sustained, 30 degrees every day, hot sun, Such is Life, the streets really have to work for protective measures, beauties paint ray ban the sun housewife with an umbrella, the influx of people of course, is wearing a black super! The sunglasses block the glare of the sun, wear a charm is indeed greatly increased, no wonder no matter the size of stars. Stars and celebrities took to the streets love to wear sunglasses, in addition to the fear of being recognized, and the shelf sunglasses can actually cause a large increase in the ray ban uk star quality.

Model, keen fashion sense natural than the average person, of course, to ask Ana, by R. on how to choose a suitable and I had sunglasses.

“If the head shaped like me fine, should choose a large mirror style and look of proportionality and good-looking, When buying sunglasses, be sure to ray ban wayfarer try a few styles in recent years the most popular crystals and amphibole Bling Bling, female children to wear them particularly attractive to the same steal the spotlight. When it comes to brands, my favorite of Miu Miu, because the name is so Cute; Marc Jacobs design is full of Grunge the Chic taste, as well as the design of the Dolce & Gabbana Glam good feminine, these the Style of the brand is very different, but the girls need a different Style of dress. ”

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Black shop Sunglass Hut

Local shop selling sunglasses ray ban sunglasses is a lot, but when it comes to sunglasses shop, does not seem there have been 1,500 sunglasses shop the Sunglass Hut, opened its first shop is located in Russell Street, and recruited more brand names, clothing trends, sunglasses are no exception, a large mirror in recent years become a design mainstream, the choice of the Ray-Ban flies microscopy and dynamic goggles are hot, crystal and colored amphibole has become an important element in the decoration, but also with white hot fashion, also you can use best inversion table for that. white-frame design is the choice of the season the most In.

Flashing crystal ornaments

Recent years become the most fashionable sunglasses interpretation of crystals and color stone decoration, common design is based on the crystal puzzle brand logo or mirror arm, better than Subtle, but the big stars the color Shiwo nail also became popular.

Stylish goggles

Goggles is to emulate the ski or sports goggles Goggles is, characteristics of a lens, plus veneer streamlined design offers the best eye function.

White frenzy

Installed at any time set off a white fanatic, sunglasses close to this trend, white sunglasses and refreshing summer costume most Fresh feeling.

Burst flight mirror

In the 1930s, the Ray-Ban launched the first Vice pilot sunglasses, then was named by the U.S. Air Force pilot who Aviators; Tom Cruise Fans of awesomeness will be no girls in the movie “Top Gun” aircraft the Ray-Ban style, its The classic shape can be described as enduring, many brands have introduced imitation models.

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